No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast Review

The Pitch:

The QI elves, or fact researchers to you and I, meet weekly to discuss their favourite facts of the week.

The Product:
QI is a BBC show that punishes its guests for ‘General Ignorance’ rather than reward them for General Knowledge. It calls its researchers ‘elves’. So it’s unsurprising that this podcast is a nerdy, whimsical delight. With enough British cynicism sprinkled in to keep any over-zealous comedy bits in check.
30–45 minutes zip by in four segments, as the hosts present and then riff on each of their facts. The facts come fast, the quips come quick, and the puns are eh, punctual…
It’s also a rare (from what I’ve listened to, but please recommend me others) educational podcast where women are represented, with Anna Ptaszynski standing out from the three white guys that usually co-host. I love the guys too, but the variety is nice, and she is far from a ‘token’ addition.
You might not always remember the facts, but you’ll have fun along the way.

Can You Sleep To It?

You could, at a stretch. But you should re-listen the next day. It’s ideal for a commute — it’s not too long and is upbeat without being annoying.

Recommended Episode:

There are already 283 episodes online and honestly, they’re all great. I’m biased, but start with the first few, get a feel for it, then skip straight to the rowdy live episode from Ireland.


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