What's With These Homies Talkin' About Weezer Podcast Review

The Pitch:

Comedian, Producer, and borderline-worryingly obsessive Weezer fan Matt Apodaca is joined by a guest each episode, to break down a Weezer album.

The Product:

This one stays pretty true to the pitch! Matt is a disarmingly affable comedian and interviewer, who is self aware enough to be self deprecating. He is a creative type, and so is presumably as full of crippling self doubt as the rest of us, but when it comes to Weezer he knows where he sits in the universe.

If, like 90% of his guests, you are someone who loved Weezer growing up but have drifted away, it's an enjoyable way to subject yourself to some of the trickier later albums.

Each episode begins with Matt quizzing his guest on their - usually remarkably similar - trajectory of fandom with Rivers and 'the boys'. From there they play clips of each song and Matt usually provides the insight that he thinks the songs are, and I quote, "good".

Weezer superfans may even get something fresh out of it, at the very least, a new person to argue semantics with on the internet.

Can You Sleep To It?

No. I would probably say no. Unlike the earlier Weezer work, the format isn't too riffy, but the constant musical interruptions might make it hard to ease the sense of existential dread as you try to sleep. 

Recommended Episode:

Gotta start at the Blue album, baby. 


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