Podcast: The Ride Review

The Pitch:

Three childless men in their 30s discuss theme parks - and theme park characters - in what I'm going to say is excessive detail.

The Product:

Look, I'm not going to lie. These guys talk about theme parks. A lot. In more detail than you probably want, unless this is exactly up your alley.

Having said that, I am obsessed with this podcast. The self-proclaimed 'Good Boys' know their brand and boy do they stick to it, regaling their audience with tales of awkwardness, anxiety, and all of the trappings of bringing the above traits to crowd-filled places where the senses are overloaded.

Podcast: The Ride is a relatively irony-free zone and it's just nice to hear three guys on the internet be positive and embrace their hobby. Despite what it might reveal about the emotional baggage they may or may not be carrying from their formative years.

As someone who loves being in theme parks but is an anxiety-ridden mess at the memory of the nausea produced by Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Disneyland Paris - a ride literally aimed at small children - the deep dives into pop culture past and present make this podcast an unexpected must listen.

Can You Sleep To It?

At a stretch, maybe. Most of the jokes are delivered pretty dry, the format soon becomes familiar, and besides when they make each other laugh they don't get too shouty. I'm also pretty sure they'd be okay with being known as a podcast that people can fall asleep to.

Recommended Episode:

If you've read this far you're probably going to be into it no matter what, but throw in an episode about The Muppets with Griffin Newman and go to Good Boy Heaven.


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