All Fantasy Everything Podcast Review

The Pitch:

Three comedians meet weekly to draft things from everyday life. Could be Fictional Detectives, could be Breakfast Food, could be the super specific Movies Featuring an Academy Award Nominee with a Rotten Tomatoes Score under 30%.

The Product:

A bubbling cocktail of in jokes and good vibes. Like any podcast, you will probably need to give it a couple of episodes before you are familiar with the cast of characters, format, and references.
Up top will usually be a series of recurring bits, anecdotes and the normal housekeeping, before a ‘rollicking game of Rock Paper Scissors’ decides the picking order. Nobody ever officially wins the draft, but you better believe it can get competitive.
What sets AFE apart in their niche of ‘comedy podcast featuring slightly nerdy sports bros’, is the love and support they show each other every episode. It is an open space where they will riff, talk about sketchy stories from their lives, but also continually tell each other ‘I love you’. One of them is even known to cry on an occasion.
The best podcasts are the ones where you feel like you’re sitting in on a conversation between a bunch of your friends. This is one of the best at doing this.

Can you Sleep to it?

Absolutely not.

Recommended Episode:

The first episode featuring the established lineup is Episode 8: The Mall. If you want to immerse yourself in AFE lore, start with this, then jump straight to Episode 19: Garbage Food.
If you like pop culture or comedy there is something here for you. So, ‘throw caut into the wind’ and check them out.


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