No Such Thing As A Fish Podcast Review

The Pitch:
The QI elves, or fact researchers to you and I, meet weekly to discuss their favourite facts of the week.

The Product: QI is a BBC show that punishes its guests for ‘General Ignorance’ rather than reward them for General Knowledge. It calls its researchers ‘elves’. So it’s unsurprising that this podcast is a nerdy, whimsical delight. With enough British cynicism sprinkled in to keep any over-zealous comedy bits in check. 30–45 minutes zip by in four segments, as the hosts present and then riff on each of their facts. The facts come fast, the quips come quick, and the puns are eh, punctual… It’s also a rare (from what I’ve listened to, but please recommend me others) educational podcast where women are represented, with Anna Ptaszynski standing out from the three white guys that usually co-host. I love the guys too, but the variety is nice, and she is far from a ‘token’ addition. You might not always remember the facts, but you’ll have fun along the way.
Can You Sleep To It?You cou…

Podcast: The Ride Review

The Pitch:
Three childless men in their 30s discuss theme parks - and theme park characters - in what I'm going to say is excessive detail.

The Product: Look, I'm not going to lie. These guys talk about theme parks. A lot. In more detail than you probably want, unless this is exactly up your alley.

Having said that, I am obsessed with this podcast. The self-proclaimed 'Good Boys' know their brand and boy do they stick to it, regaling their audience with tales of awkwardness, anxiety, and all of the trappings of bringing the above traits to crowd-filled places where the senses are overloaded.

Podcast: The Ride is a relatively irony-free zone and it's just nice to hear three guys on the internet be positive and embrace their hobby. Despite what it might reveal about the emotional baggage they may or may not be carrying from their formative years.

As someone who loves being in theme parks but is an anxiety-ridden mess at the memory of the nausea produced by Dumbo the F…

What's With These Homies Talkin' About Weezer Podcast Review

The Pitch:
Comedian, Producer, and borderline-worryingly obsessive Weezer fan Matt Apodaca is joined by a guest each episode, to break down a Weezer album.

The Product: This one stays pretty true to the pitch! Matt is a disarmingly affable comedian and interviewer, who is self aware enough to be self deprecating. He is a creative type, and so is presumably as full of crippling self doubt as the rest of us, but when it comes to Weezer he knows where he sits in the universe.

If, like 90% of his guests, you are someone who loved Weezer growing up but have drifted away, it's an enjoyable way to subject yourself to some of the trickier later albums.

Each episode begins with Matt quizzing his guest on their - usually remarkably similar - trajectory of fandom with Rivers and 'the boys'. From there they play clips of each song and Matt usually provides the insight that he thinks the songs are, and I quote, "good".

Weezer superfans may even get something fresh out of it, a…

All Fantasy Everything Podcast Review

The Pitch:
Three comedians meet weekly to draft things from everyday life. Could be Fictional Detectives, could be Breakfast Food, could be the super specific Movies Featuring an Academy Award Nominee with a Rotten Tomatoes Score under 30%.

The Product: A bubbling cocktail of in jokes and good vibes. Like any podcast, you will probably need to give it a couple of episodes before you are familiar with the cast of characters, format, and references. Up top will usually be a series of recurring bits, anecdotes and the normal housekeeping, before a ‘rollicking game of Rock Paper Scissors’ decides the picking order. Nobody ever officially wins the draft, but you better believe it can get competitive. What sets AFE apart in their niche of ‘comedy podcast featuring slightly nerdy sports bros’, is the love and support they show each other every episode. It is an open space where they will riff, talk about sketchy stories from their lives, but also continually tell each other ‘I love you’. One…